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Looking good is dream of every women and man the advance medical science have made cosmetic surgeries invasive more effective and affordable total car under one roof is the concept at Dr Dahiphale laser centre, Aurangabad

Cosmetic Surgeries

Laser cosmetic surgery & cosmetic treatment are combined to achieve the best result to again face is rejuvenated by combining Botox. Suture lift & eyelid surgery, breast lift & breast implant are combined with liposuction to achieve perfect our glass figure

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a permanant solution to baldness. it involves transferrin hair from the back side of the head to the bald area. once transplanted these hair will continue to grow for lifetime.

Body shaping ..

Resident or stuborn fat dosnt respond to dieting or excercise so liposuction is the best solution and its the most popular treatment across the golbe. newer tumescent technique is safer and much effective.its the best way to maintain your body.

Cosmetic Breast surgery..

Fuller Breast is a dream of every girl & women. implant is silicon shell filled with gel or saline. small breast are enlarged by imlants.they can be placed above or below the chest muscle. implants are available in various size & shapes. its a day stay surgery.

Laser Treatments

No more embarrassment due to unwanted hair, don’t say no to modern outfit, say good bye to unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is permanent solution to unwanted hair anywhere on body. Hair from face, legs, arm, chest, breast, tummy, underarms bikini area etc, can be removed

We Assure

At Dahiphale Hospital you would get the proper consultation and Best Treatment on Cosmetic & Laser Treatments. we offer all services under one Roof.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide all cosmetic treatment to all categories of people in society in affordable Rate. We believe in giving Best to Everyone.

Future Plans

We Aim to Deliver New Trends in Aesthetic, Laser & Plastic Surgery. We promise to deliver the Best and Cost Effective Treatment.


Our Hospital is fully Equipped with all advanced facilities necessary for Cosmetic & Laser Treatments and we Assure to Deliver the best to our Customers